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About Us

We are a passionate, multifunctional team, who are committed to delivering the best care for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities -- and in doing so, make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands people around.

We Care

We want our children
to be healthy.
We want our children
to explore their interests and make connections.
We want our children
to flourish, and stay healthy.
We want our children
to be able to support themselves one day.
We began GoCarer
to help our own children achieve all these.
And we're committed
to continuing it for you.

Our Team

Anzel Lai

Hello! My name is Anzel and I started GoCarer, together with my friend Kingma, to help families like my own who have children with autism. My background as a software engineer means that I spend most of my time building the technology that powers our service.

I believe in always trying to find the simplest solution to tackle every problem, although this is often the hardest approach to take! Outside of work, I enjoy practising Tai Chi, watching TV shows and racing my car on the tracks.

I'm also an active contributor in StackOverflow helping out other developers around the world.

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Joined in 2016
Kingma Ma

Hello! My name is Kingma and I started GoCarer with my friend Anzel back when we worked together in London. I'm driven to find creative ways to fundamentally help people, and my interest is in how technology, leadership and communities can work together to achieve this. I now spend most of my time drinking coffee and replying to emails.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, cycle, watch movies, read stories and play video games.

Joined in 2016
Cara Porter
Speech and Language Therapist

Hello! My name is Cara and I am a passionate Speech and Language Therapist with extensive experience in working with Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated complex needs. Throughout my career, I have worked closely with children as well as their social workers, teachers, and other health professionals to develop individualised treatment programmes.

I am driven to provide life-improving advice, treatment, support and care for children and young adults who have difficulties with communication, developmental conditions, early play, eating, drinking and swallowing, by using different approaches and interventions including Lego Therapy, PECS, Attention Autism, Makaton, Social Stories, Smile Therapy, Intensive Interaction, Total Communication and High and Low Tech AAC.

I am a registered member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health and Care Professionals Council.

Joined in 2017
Lauren Flook
Occupational Therapist

Hello, my name is Lauren and I am an Occupational Therapist. I began my career within the arts sector, where I specialised in facilitating inclusive practice. Throughout my career I have worked with a vast range of children and adults of varying needs, with a focus on utilising dance and drama as a means to enable individuals to fulfil their potential. It was during my role as Director of an accessible theatre company that I developed a passion for working with people on the Autism Spectrum.

I have worked as a lead practitioner on a Plymouth wide project, working alongside researchers in schools, to assess the impact of movement and drama on facilitating educational and personal goals for autistic children. As an Occupational Therapist I am driven to improve outcomes for children through providing therapy that is centred around what is uniquely meaningful for the individual child and family. I have experience in utilising appropriate assessments that consider the biological, psychological and social needs of an individual, and deliver Interventions based on supporting function and independence in key areas. Interventions may include providing advice on adaptive equipment, modifying the environment, developing fine and gross motor skills that support daily activities such as washing and dressing and facilitating positive social experiences.

I am a registered member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and the Health and Care Professionals Council.

Joined in 2017
Michelle Whiting
Autism Specialist

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a driven Autism Specialist with over twenty years of experience in the education and care sectors. I am also a parent to a son with Asperger's Syndrome. I have worked for the majority of my careers as a school and community SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) across the UK, Channel Islands and Spain. I have lots of experience working very closely with parents, teachers and other health professionals and as well as assessing behavioural, speech, motor and sensory related conditions. Mypassion is to develop life skills programmes to both children and adults on the Autism Spectrum.

In my free time, I love to travel, learn new languages, perform amateur dramatics and visit the theatre. I gained my qualifications at Birmingham University.

Joined in 2017
Mikayla Parnell
Trainee Manager

Hello! My name is Mikayla and I have worked as a Carer for both adults and children on the Autism Spectrum for over 5 years. I am a very warm-hearted person and I'm driven to support the community and other people in their day to day lives. I believe developing independence to be the most crucial task for any carer, and I will always give my best to help others to achieve their personal goals. I have completed my QCF 3 and am currently working towards my QCF 5 in management.

Joined in 2017
Amber Seymour
Specialist Carer

Hello! My name is Amber and I have worked in the care profession for five years in the care sector, four of which were focused on children as a nursery lead practitioner. I am a natural carer and a perfectionist in my work. I've completed my NVQ 3 in children and young people's workforce, as well lots of courses focusing on community and childcare. My main hobbies are motorbikes and exploring nature, I take part in numerous charity rides each year and am a proud member of the National Trust.

Joined in 2017
Dale Nodder
Specialist Carer

Hello! My name is Dale and I started my career as a community support worker in 2010. Since then, I've worked in the care sector and have furthered my knowledge through the QCF 3 in Health and Social Care. I have years of experience in providing personalised support for autistic individuals. My passion is around my own four kids, anyone who knows me will say that I'm a big kid at heart. I love working with children and young people as I've got a natural way to connect with them, mostly as I believe any time can be play time with the right attitude.

Joined in 2017

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